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Sales Internship (startup)

Alkmaar, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsInternships

Job description

You must be enrolled at a Dutch university for this internship and looking for an internship starting February 2024

Who are we?
We are Nixon Digital, a creative startup by Triple located in Alkmaar. At Nixon, we have big goals and believe the market has huge potential. We are looking for talented people to join our team and help us take advantage of the opportunities ahead as we work toward growth. Our platform helps companies better manage their website portfolio, making us an important partner in ensuring privacy and security compliance. As a startup, we are constantly developing and improving everything we do. Therefore, we also want to be more visible towards the market, and that is where you come in!

What do we do?
We have developed a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that helps companies get a better grip on their complex digital landscape. How? By taking charge of their website portfolio and making it more practical. For instance, we help them check if their website has a privacy policy or if SSL certificates are up to date. Our start-up is small and young, but we are expanding quickly and always enhancing our platform that helps our customers develop their digital maturity.

What are you going to do?
We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about working in a dynamic and fast-paced digital landscape. Our team is expanding quickly, and our client base is growing, so we are searching for skilled individuals to join us. As an intern, we do not expect you to have 5 years of sales experience, but we do want someone with a sales mentality and eagerness to learn. Instead, we are looking for someone who has that “sales mentality”. Are you the kind of person who always negotiates the best deal at the flea market? Or are you the one who suggested to your part-time job manager the best way to sell more cereal? If so, you may be a great fit for our team.

Job requirements

Who are you?
·We are looking for an intern who is currently doing an Bachelors (HBO/WHO) study;
·You are enrolled in a Dutch college or university;

·Ideally, your studies should be focused on IT, sales, or business. However, we believe that anyone with the right mindset can excel in this internship;
·Someone with a certain 'sales mentality;
·You should be comfortable contacting new people via phone or email;
·Some who has excellent written and verbal English communication skills (proficiency in other languages is a bonus);
·Do not worry if you are not the best at Nintendo Smash Bros – we will not hold it against you!

Why work at Nixon digital?

  • We are a start-up that is growing quickly, and we are looking for the right people to join us. If you enjoy working with us and show us what you are capable of, there will be opportunities for a longer stay.
  • Working with us means taking on a lot of responsibility, but there are endless opportunities for learning and self-development.
  • We expect a lot from our team, but we also offer a lot in return. At Triple's state-of-the-art building, you will have access to relaxation opportunities such as playing games on the Nintendo Switch, Ping-Pong, or participating in FIFA tournaments.
  • You will be working with young, ambitious people who like to have fun and enjoy the occasional beer.


Eager to create great things with fun people?

We are Triple. Founded in 1998 when four Quake clan members wanted to use their computer skills for more productive things.

Once started in the server room and over the years it has grown into a full service digital agency with expertise in: Mobile development, Front-end and Back-end Development, Cloud Solutions, Data & Insights, Artificial Intelligence, Concept, Design and Strategy.

Want to know more? Ask Alon or Rutger!

Alon Basoglu

Recruiter Frontend-, Mobile Development, QA, Design & Project Management 0619271185

Rutger Kamper

Recruiter Cloud Solutions, Managed Hosting & Backend development 0611490031

Our Process

1. Phone Interview

Once you have sent us your application, we aim to contact you within 2 days. We will schedule a phone interview with you. This introduction will take about 30 minutes and is mainly intended to tell you more about Triple.

2. Introductory interview

If we feel it is a match from both sides, we will invite you for an introductory interview. Your future team lead and another colleague will be present. During the first meeting we would like to hear all about your requirements, ambitions and current knowledge level. Together we determine whether this fits Triple.

3. Second Interview

Are we all still in for it? In that case you will receive an invitation for a second interview from us. During the second interview we will go deeper into the technology and challenges involved. The goal is to determine where your added value lies. This interview will be attended by colleagues who are better able to deep dive into the actual work details with you.

4. Written offer

Did you have two positive interviews? Great! In this case, a written offer will follow, explaining the primary and secondary conditions of the job. The recruiter you spoke with earlier will contact you about this.

Is this not the job for you?

We are always looking for new talent. Send an open application with your CV and motivation. One of our recruiters will then contact you! Or sign up for our jobalert.