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Never an end goal in itself

Design by Triple always has a function and always serves a purpose. We never create design because we enjoy putting together striking color palettes and making a website or app look good.The purpose of our designs is closely linked to the experience our partners want to offer their users.

 This can be a flawless ordering process, guiding visitors quickly toward the solution to their problem or putting a smile on their faces. And that prior experience is one we really enjoy creating. We use design to convey emotions wherever the customer is in contact with the digital products of our partners because that is how we deepen the relationship with their users.

Design to experience

The user is always the central focus point of our work. They come first and design is the hero of the story. Design helps different types of end-users to reach their goal and to guide our partners to high conversion. Therefore, we always put ourselves in the users' shoes first and think as techies second to translate with a solid technical foundation. We involve our partners closely in the process at an early stage with co-creation sessions and design sprints, and then we add some additional magic. Because surprise and innovation are in our blood.


In 2018 Triple became the digital partner of citizenM hotels to help them reinvent their customer journey and better live up to the brand mission. A new digital strategy and brand guide were created as a foundation.

Serious, crazy and creative

We are a strong team and we are also the crazies at Triple. Creatives with a capital C. But please, don't underestimate us. We are dead serious when it comes to our projects. It's a weird kind of balance, but it works for us. Our flawless end products are the proof.

Inspiration is our greatest asset and we obtain it everywhere: YouTube ads, artistic designs, graffiti, design tools and new technology like NFTs. We actively search for it and share it with our colleagues during the daily check-in. We are the first to pick up on new trends and developments. We follow trends, visit conferences and always keep one eye on the market. Ever been to SXSW? We are there every year.

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