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Behind the screens: stories by and about our Triple Troopers

Project Manager Lisa Shines Under Pressure

Lisa describes herself as impulsive and adventurous, thriving under pressure. The tighter the deadline, the more exciting and enjoyable the project becomes for her. At Triple, Lisa enthusiastically tackles small projects with often short timelines, where she can truly express herself.

Lisa Project Manager

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How Triple helps to develop personally and professionally

Professional development

Tropical Tuesdays keep the creative vibe alive at Triple

Triple culture

Valuable lessons I learned as a future Tech Lead

Rick Buter

Entering the world of data: becoming a data wizard

Gabie Boon

My first year as a frontend developer at Triple

Rick Buter

Sanjay combineert QA Engineering met zijn DJ carrière

In zijn weekenden staat Sanjay als Jason Payne op diverse nationale en internationale podia, waaronder Defqon.1 Festival. Hoewel zijn dj-carrière als een raket van de grond kwam, miste Sanjay het gevoel erbij te horen van het werken met collega's. Die heeft hij uiteindelijk gevonden in zijn baan als QA Engineer bij Triple.

QA Engineer Triple

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Your design matters: How failures lead to success

By Justin de Vink, Monika Rutten and Remco Braas

I love smart TV development, it's terrible!

Sjim Wagemakers

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Thomas Vlaar

SXSW 2023: Are we moving forward or was the future already here?

Jochem Lubbers

SXSW 2023: AI, interactive content and the human touch

Erik van Schalkwijk

Server management through Saltstack

Rogier van der Heide

How to effectively work with stateful processes in a stateless environment

Thomas Bleijendaal

NSSPAINX 2022: Toegankelijkheid in app ontwikeling

Mart Zonneveld

Why frontend security requires your attention

Christiaan Bakker

WWDC 2022: supporting developers' superpowers

Jeroen Bakker

Cross-cultural design: designing for cultures other than your own

Anna Koopmans

10 Tips for PHP Developers starting with Node.js

Daan Zonneveld

Raav's dual role as a .Net and AI Developer

Developer Raav has a closet full of half-finished hobby projects, a long list of hobby projects he still wants to start, and a stack of Raspberry Pis at his home workspace. Raav is never done learning, and that has a great advantage in his dual role at Triple.

.Net and AI dev Triple