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Technical operations

The digital foundation

A website, online shop or mobile app is available day and night. Or so it should be. If the digital foundations of your online business are not set up correctly, it is at risk to collapse like a house of cards. TechOps designs, builds and maintains these solid foundations for customers all over the world. As no question is the same, every assignment means a new adventure. This continuous excitement and thrill ensure that no one ever gets bored and that there are always new challenges ahead.

Scalable set-up and management

TechOps is working continuously to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of managed platforms. In an ideal world, these infrastructures would always work perfectly. Unfortunately, no such world exists though. This is why our team is on stand-by 24/7 to receive notifications from the monitoring system. A notification might be sent to prevent incidents, for example when almost all disk space is in use, security appears to be vulnerable or because suspicious activity is detected on the server. At that moment, TechOps gets to work immediately to prevent an incident or minimize the impact.

Besides monitoring existing solutions, TechOps works on setting up new infrastructures. If a customer wants to run a new website or app on the infrastructure, we will set it up as automated, complete and scalable as possible. From proposal to design and from realization to the finishing touches and management. Curiosity, common sense, a strong sense of perseverance and a touch of wilfulness help us to create an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution that our customer can work with and that we as a team can be proud of.

Open TechOps job openings

Azure EngineerAlkmaar, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
DevOps EngineerAlkmaar, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
IT Support EngineerAlkmaar, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Linux EngineerAlkmaar, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Netwerk EngineerAlkmaar, Noord-Holland, Nederland

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Our teams

Team Alpha: public hosting

Team Alpha works almost entirely in the Microsoft Azure cloud and additionally has extensive knowledge on ARM/Bicep, Windows, Linux, Kubernetes, Akamai, Salt and CI/CD pipelines. The team is always researching new techniques.

With DevOps streaming engineers, cloud solutions architects, data platform architects and product owners, the team is responsible for public hosting. In collaboration with developers - the house builders - they agree on what the foundation should look like, ensuring the house can be built on it perfectly.

Team Bravo: private hosting

Team Bravo works in both physical data centres (on-premise) and in the AWS cloud, has extensive knowledge of Terraform, Windows, Linux, networking, VMware, Storage, Apache/Tomcat and is always open to embrace new technologies.

The team facilitates private hosting with network engineers, Linux engineers, system administrators, security officers and a service coordinator. This critical team advises clients which servers and solutions are best suited to their application and as future-proof as possible.

Knowledge sharing

Development never stops. That is why it is essential that our knowledge is continuously shared. We do this by organizing handover sessions in which we briefly discuss what projects entail and how they should be managed. In addition to knowledge sharing, TechOps is always looking for new, improved ways of working and tooling for the team. We test these new discoveries in workshops and then see if this can be the icing on the cake for our work. In this way, we have previously embraced indispensable technologies such as Microsoft, Azure, Kubernetes, Salt, Akamai and Bicep.

Always developing

Similar to technology, we are constantly developing ourselves. Would you like to become part of the TechOps team? We will first consider your existing skills and find out what direction you would like to develop yourself in. With a clear development path, you can continue to challenge yourself and ensure that the team and the solutions you build remain up to date with the latest technical developments. During your development path, you will be encouraged to participate in courses and training sessions, enabling you to obtain knowledge in specific techniques and get certified.

However, development at TechOps extends beyond technology. We are always looking for technical heroes, who do what they do best. Besides engineers, our team also consists of facilitating roles such as (Assistant) Project Managers, Service Coordinators and Product Owners. They are in charge of setting priorities, communication, continuous improvement of the process and relieving the team of a number of (non-technical) tasks.

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