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Our 8 core teams

As a developer at Triple, you have many opportunities. Android, iOS, Web/front-end, C#/.Net, Smart TV, Node.js and even QA Engineering are our 8 core teams. We also work with techniques such as Kotlin, Go and Flutter. Within the teams, we program, test, automate debug and scrum. Do you prefer working for a partner for a more extended period or would you rather switch between shorter projects? Then we will take that into account.

 During the teamweekly’s, we update each other on research and professional topics that we find interesting. This way, we inspire each other, stay posted on new developments and keep busy experimenting with new techniques. Even if you want to master a new technique, we can discuss it and make space for it if possible. This allows us to work with the latest techniques, such as Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI.

Always one step ahead

If you know anything about Triple, you know that we only develop quality web, mobile, back-end, Smart TV applications that are tested through and through. We are often first with things, and the bar is set high.We do everything for an excellent user experience and a fast, stable performance.

To keep our partners in the lead, we need to be present in the future. They need to stay ahead of the competition, so we develop the latest technologies to enable them. This inspiration is reflected in contact with our partners.. We listen carefully to our developers' ideas and think proactively about improving functionalities.

Growing as an individual

At Triple, we deeply value personal and professional development. We schedule evolution meetings every eight weeks, slightly different from evaluation meetings. During these, we look back at what you have done and indicate areas of improvement. In addition, many of our developers visit national and international conferences, such as WWDC, Droidcon and Google i/o to keep up to speed.

Would you like to learn more techniques or languages as a developer, or do you want to develop into a tech leader? Together, we will look for growth opportunities and courses that can support you in this development.

Open Development job openings

Android DeveloperAlkmaar, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
C# .NET DeveloperAlkmaar, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Node.js DeveloperAlkmaar, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Your job not listed?

If you don't see a suitable vacancy at this time, sign up for the Job Alert. This makes it easy for you to stay up to date on our opportunities at Triple. When a new job opening arises, you'll be in the know immediately and you can be the first to apply.



This is a team of over ten people who get really excited by new techniques. We are pros in Swift, UIKit/ Swift UI and Clean Architecture and we use the latest techniques, such as Combine and async-await. Xcode (duh), SourceTree (git), Postman and Charles (Proxy) are our most used tools.

Apart from the weekly meetings, there is a monthly Cocoaheads meetup with Q&A from iOS developers from all over the Netherlands. Not mandatory, but definitely fun.


If you walk into our office on a Friday afternoon, you will find nearly 20 colleagues enjoying a beer together. We talk about the latest developments and techniques and discuss conferences such as Google I/O, Droidcon London/Berlin or APPDEVCON, as every developer is allowed to visit one or more conferences per year.

We are skilled with Kotlin, Java and clean MVVM. Our favorite tools? Android Studio, Git, Figma and Jetpack Compose. We scrum in different teams and review each other's work. Every week we learn from each other.


We are 15+ fun-loving developers with a dry sense of humor. We work with React, Svelte, CI/CD in Azure Devops, JavaScript and CSS.

In each multidisciplinary team, several web developers work on the same project. Two team members check each fixed bug or feature for functionality and clarity.

In the weekly, we discuss trends, technical discoveries and challenges. We also discuss weekend activities and compete for the most original PowerPoint slide.

Smart TV

Our strong debugging skills make apps work on all types of smart TVs. Our strong communication skills and independence come in handy here.

Cypress, Jest and Suitest are our testing tools and with JIRA, Confluence and Azure we manage our projects and workflow. We do application development with Svelte, Typescript and CSS. We debug and install with WebOS IDE and Tizen Studio.

We organize Tech Talks for each other with workshops and have an active Slack channel with news in the field. This also includes fun team outings!

Back-end & SmartTV


We are a young, energetic team still relatively new to Triple. The team members have diverse backgrounds, from Machine Learning, to Web and PHP. Communication is mainly in English, and during our weeklies in memes ;). Typescript is essential to us and we mostly use Visual Studio code, npm and jest for unit tests. Express and koa are our favorite HTTP frameworks.

Whether it is serverless or on a server, we can manage it, on-premise, Azure or AWS. Our primary focus is on writing back-end/API applications that support a website or app in retrieving data.

C# .Net

Our team of 8 develops and builds back-ends and total cloud architectures with C#, Umbraco and Contentful that we deploy with DevOps pipelines.

We like to use the latest stuff available. Our most used tools are Visual Studio, JetBrains Rider, Visual Studio Code, Git (in all flavors), Azure, Azure DevOps, Postman and Docker.

We love going to Microsoft Build, and every week we give each other a short presentation on something we have noticed in the industry or would like to know more about.

QA Engineering

Young, autonomous and always developing. These are the characteristics of our 10-person test team. We are constantly working on Mobile Testing, Web Testing, Test Automation and Performance Testing. Tools like Azure DevOps, WebdriverIO, Postman and Browserstack support us.

If we are not working on our 1 to 3 test projects per person, we are busy learning new things about testing and automation or updating each other on the subject. Our weekly meetings and monthly Q&A day at the office are real knowledge-sharing sessions.

Knowledge sharing

All areas of expertise within Development work together in various multidisciplinary teams. They complement each other, share and multiply their knowledge and come up with winning solutions for our partners. Take Team Awesome Unicorns, for example.They sit with a project manager/scrum master, multiple designers, front-end developers, iOS/Android developers, backend developers and one or more testers.

The strength of this team structure is the transfer of both enthusiasm and knowledge. In this way, exciting insights continuously emerge that can be useful for different programming languages.


Our teams work for different, cool partners, such as projects for VodafoneZiggo, Linda, citizenM and NLZIET. Do you want to know what we all do with these A-brands? Then read on in the cases.

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