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Making creative ideas come true

Innovation is a large part of our character and, therefore, present throughout the organization. We turn creative ideas into reality and encourage the rest of the organization to do the same. Colleagues from all departments can contribute to our projects and we contribute to projects from all departments.

Innovation withinTriple can therefore be seen more as competence and character than as a department or team. Yet at the same time, Innovation is really visible on our third floor. You'll find Lex and several Young Professionals here, constantly experimenting and trying out the latest techniques. Where Node.js is still new to some, we already have an entire team working with it. Between the soldering irons, tools, gadgets and 3D printers, we devise things and share knowledge and inspiration.

Together with our partners

We innovate not only for ourselves but also for and with our partners. We visit them once or twice a year for an inspiration session, during which we give them solicited and unsolicited advice. We think along and try to prevent fires instead of having to extinguish them. We ensure cross-fertilization and surprise our partners and teams with new insights.

Creative ideas are never wasted

Triple is not the type of organization where good ideas keep sitting on the shelf because everything else has priority over them. We live for good ideas. We combine technologies, techniques and tools. The results? Dozens of mobile apps, tools, augmented, mixed and virtual reality technologies, gadgets, and much more. Occasionally, such an innovation grows into a new business. SpotOn's clipping tool is such a spin-off, allowing TV and visual radio broadcasters to create clips of their live video content within seconds, edit them and publish them on all their social media channels and platforms.

Fancy a new challenge?

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