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In spotlight: Project Manager Lisa shines under pressure

Lisa Project Manager Triple

At Triple, we create fantastic digital solutions with fun people. We see our colleagues as the driving force behind our success. That's why every month, we shine the spotlight on one of our colleagues.

Project Manager Lisa is a lover of all things related to gastronomy. From the deep world of wine culture to discovering new restaurants, and not to forget creating culinary masterpieces in her kitchen. Lisa describes herself as impulsive and adventurous and she thrives under pressure. The tighter the deadline, the more exciting and enjoyable the project becomes for her. At Triple, Lisa enthusiastically tackles small projects with often short timelines, where she can truly express herself.

There's no formal education for Project Managers; how did you develop yourself?

"At my previous employer, I had the freedom to try various roles and departments, which eventually led me to project management. I enjoy being a Project Manager because it exposes me to various facets and skills, which I find fascinating.

Ultimately, I was looking for more diversity in projects and the opportunity to learn from more experienced people, so I joined Triple. I started as a Project Management Assistant, working closely with Marcel, a Senior Project Manager. I quickly began managing my own projects and progressed to a Junior Project Manager role.

In the beginning, it was very valuable to be paired with Marcel as a buddy. Additionally, you can always shadow and learn from colleagues about how they approach projects. We also have a working group with all Junior Project Managers to exchange ideas and discuss cases.

I've taken a Scrum Master course and am currently exploring which further training I want to pursue. Triple offers a wide range of options for professional development."

What type of projects do you enjoy the most?

"I thrive under pressure, which I remember from my school days when I'd procrastinate on tasks until the last moment and perform at my best. While I don't do that in my work now, I deliberately choose short and intense projects. There's often more chaos due to the tight timelines, and that's when I can bring out my best.

I also prefer projects with a clear end goal. For long-term projects, I try to define interim milestones, such as launching a webpage or feature. But my biggest satisfaction comes from days when I arrive the office in the morning, and everything seems to be on fire, but by the end of the workday, everything is resolved, and the client is completely satisfied. Those are the days when I go home with a smile, reflecting on a successful day."

On which project are you most proud?

"That would be the Kibbel App we worked on this year. I was working with a young team, and everyone was excited about the project from the start. We felt like we would create the most awesome app of 2023, and it was even more rewarding to see the app ranking high in the AppStore charts after its launch.

It was a two-month project, starting from scratch, and we created an amazing app. After the launch, we celebrated our success with the team, very appropriately, with Kibbeling and Champagne - a perfect way to celebrate our collective achievement."

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