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Tropical Tuesdays keep the creative vibe alive at Triple

Tropical Tuesdays Triple

Creative projects are the fuel that drives innovation at a full-service digital agency like Triple. But during a busy work week, it’s sometimes hard to find time to devote to these important initiatives.

That’s why Roland Keesom (iOS Developer and Tech Lead) and Frank Lippes (Technical Project Manager) came up with Tropical Tuesdays: a weekly event where colleagues at Triple work individually and in groups to learn new skills and keep the innovative ideas flowing — while also having lots of fun.

How it all started

Eight years ago, Roland and Frank realized they both had lots of creative projects that simply weren’t getting the time and attention they deserved. They started setting aside a few hours each Tuesday after work to research, focus and collaborate. It started with designing apps and logos. Soon, other team members began to join in.

The idea was simple but powerful: everyone picks their own project and enjoys the freedom and time to work on it once a week. Whether you want to learn a new coding language, build a new game for iOS or Android, or try out a newly released technology or OS feature — the only limit is your imagination. In no time, the Tuesday-evening get-togethers at Triple had grown into a vibrant community. With all that creative energy running wild, “Tropical Tuesdays” was the perfect title.

Tropical Tuesday

Fostering a culture of innovation

Today, Tropical Tuesdays are a key aspect of Triple’s company culture, which puts team spirit and continual development high on the agenda. The projects that people bring to the table for Tropical Tuesdays don’t even have to be work-related. It’s much more about having fun and letting your creativity take you into new territory. Sometimes that territory is an innovative app feature that Triple’s clients will also benefit from. Sometimes it’s a holiday-themed board game, the new Lego Death Star or a disco light setup.

Whatever the Tropical Tuesday attendees want to work on, they always enjoy the event’s laidback social atmosphere. The company offers them the space and treats everyone to dinner. And considering the many great ideas and new skills that have developed out of these weekly sessions, it’s definitely worth the investment.

What’s next for Tropical Tuesdays?

More than 300 Tuesdays have gone by since Roland and Frank came up with the idea for Tropical Tuesdays. Every 100 Tuesdays, the team at Triple treats themselves to a special evening, full of activities like a quiz night or an office-wide escape room. During Tropical Tuesday #300, they even organized for a food truck to serve burgers and fries for everyone.

What started out as a simple idea has grown into a vital tradition at Triple. Today, everyone in the company can look forward to Tuesday evenings after work. It’s a great example of how a fun, engaging company culture encourages people to explore new ideas and never stop learning. That’s what Tropical Tuesdays at Triple are all about.

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